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ISOG is an established tool grinding machine specialist, who has been producing handmade machines with perfection and precision made in Germany for decades with a long service life.
Perfection and precision – two essential attributes that stand for ISOG machines. The standards of ISOG machines have been among the highest in the industry for many years. ISOG machines are manufactured with great expertise. In doing so, special, company-owned, self-developed, and patented technologies are used, which are constantly being further developed.

Flexibility is one of the most important attributes of the ISOG 22. It is especially useful for small to medium batch sizes due to its vertical principle – even with only one piece.

As a high-quality grinding center, the ISOG 22 provides outstanding service in medical technology, aerospace, drive technology or in tool and mould making. Wherever complex and highly accurate parts or components need to be processed economically and with the highest precision.

The ISOG 22 can work with all common clamping systems. They can be integrated into the ISO-50 interface with a hydraulic control unit.

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