Profiroll Technologies GmbH
Pee-Wee-Str. 1
04849 Bad Dueben
Fax +49 3424 322159
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Company profile
Energy and resource efficiency are key themes of modern production strategy that linked the cold metal forming technology of Profiroll by nature. Using special machine and round dies the material on workpiece surface will be formed under pressure to thread, worm or spline profiles. In the era of resource efficiency this technology has big advantages because of saving on material in shortest manufacturing time.
Profiroll has delivered in the past 70 years, a total of 5 generation of thread and profile rolling machine, a lot of dies and innovation in the field of cold forming technology, shows the experience and performance Profiroll company.
We serve the customers from the automotive and its sub-supplier industry, the aviation and space industry, the bearing industry, the energy sector, the manufacturers of transmission and powertrain as well as fastener and automation industry for the whole rolling process under the philosophy “ Machine, Die, Process from one Source.“