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Programmable rotary encoder GEL 2444
- The measuring system comprises a MiniCODER and a precision target wheel for attachment to shafts
- The MiniCODER contactlessly scans the precision target wheel using magnetoresistive sensors and acquires the direction of rotation, rotational speed and position
- Output signal level 1 Vpp Differential signal (sin/cos) or TTL / RS422
- Analogue or digital reference pulse
- Selection of interpolation factors to increase the number of pulses per revolution possible
- Recording of temperature and rotational speed histogram and automatic calibration possible
- Frequency range from 0 to 200 kHz
- Temperature range -40 °C to +120 °C
- Protection class IP 68
- Safety integrated certificate (signal pattern K)
- Maintenance and wear-free
- Low temperature drift and high signal quality
- Highest immunity to interference due to fully screened metal housing
- High design flexibility due to custom manufacture of precision target wheels
Field of application
- Machine tool engineering
- Position and rotational speed acquisition in HSC spindles (High Speed Cutting)
- Electronic synchronisation of screw spindles in vacuum pumps
- Position and rotational speed measurement in lathes, grinding and milling machines
- Rotational speed and position measurement in test stands and motors (hybrid drives, torque motors)

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